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Our most recent Art Doc features Camille as she shows her self-portraiture painting process and the ideas behind the work. Come join us tomorrow October 30 at 1pm (Jamaica/ GMT-5) on Instagram for a discussion about her work. Camille will be in discussion with Tide Rising Art Projects’ team member filmmaker Danielle Russell. The talk coincides with the release on Friday of a short doc film focusing on her process and ideas.

Camille Chedda is an interdisciplinary artist being fueled by her consumption of news and media and further internalisation of the stories. In her practice she has worked on painting and drawing multiple self portraits on plastic bags and surfaces. Each portrait being observed by time spent looking in the mirror. The result being various paintings which are painstakingly observed and quickly committed to a mark or gesture. Her use of bio-degradable plastic as a surface also pushes the fleeting nature of the images created.

Watch the video below:

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